Monday, August 2

farm fresh

potatoes, tomatoes, onions and green beans fresh from our local market! add coconut milk, spices and garlic and voila, dinner! :) tasty, fresh and vegan!

Thursday, July 8

today's feature

today has been a john waters day. i've watched cry-baby, john waters:this filthy world and two documentaries (inside the gutter and it came from kuchar) in which he was featured prominently and i will probably watch hairspray before the night is out. God save john waters.

history rocks!

hey all! as a lot of you know Kelly Kerr and the Distractions rocked maryville's brackens a couple weekends backand it was a blast. it was wonderful to see everyone. some people i hadn't seen in many years. the show was a complete success, i don't think brackens had seen anything like it. thanks to all who came out. i've posted some photos over at my photosite.
password: jbcphotosite

Thursday, June 17


art for the anal-retentive. i stumbled upon artist michael johannsen today and his perfectly packed pieces are mouthwatering to stackers and packers alike. each piece is a puzzle, a rubik's cube and a seek and find in one. check out some more of his work here.